MC-455L Aluminum pipe/profile circular sawing machine

Main specification
Suitable for cutting aluminium frames, aluminium door and window, aluminium air-cooling fin, timber, water pipe, etc.
It is adapted for sawing aluminum extrusion material, aluminum doors and windows, radiating rib, wooden material, water pips and sound faceplate.
1.The automatic pressing saves time and saves work. 
2.The automatic sawing is safe and easy. 
3.It saws material inside, so it reduces noise. 
4.Sawing and automatic spray cooing is finished at the same time. And the saw blade doesn’t collect scrap, so it is more durable.
5.The angle of saw blade is fastened for improving sawing precision.
6.The material support is equipped with baffle for cutting material more conveniently. 

Technical parameter
Model no. MC-455L
Sawing angle 90°& 45°
Max.sawing width 300mm
Max. sawing thickness 125mm
Sawing speed 10-15cycle/min
Rotary speed of spindle 3500r/min
Motor power 4.0kw
Machine photo


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