MC-350CNC-S Automaitc pipe cutter with feeding length 1.5m/time

Recommended application industry:
automobile fittings ( oil pipe for brake, muffler, seats), motorcycle, healthy equipment, air-conditioning,bicycle, steel furniture, sanitary wares and so on
Main chararteristics
(1) Controlled by servo motor
(2) Automatic cooling system
(3) Automatic clamping the pipe
(4) Automatic cutting the pipe
(5) No row edge
(6) No noise    
(7) High efficiency and accuracy
(8) Suit to heavy duty cutting
(9) Durable saw blades
(10) Automatic feeding of pipe
(11)It can set the feeding length,you only need to change the parameter in machine's computer when you want to change the cutting length.
(12) Long life of saw blades. The saw bladws is special designed.
(13) It can cut several pieces of pipes at the same time.

Technical parameter    
Specification/Model MC-350CNC-S
sawing scale Applicable sawblade Ф250-Ф400
rectangle pipe 120mm x 90mm
square pipe 110mm×110mm
round pipe Φ110mm
round bar Φ75mm
square bar 65mm×65mm
Size 1600×1850mm×1600mm
Weight 1000kg
Main motor(KW) 3.5-4.0KW
Main shaft speed(RPM) 88/44
Feeding length Standard 5-1500mm*time after time
Oil motor system 3.5KW motor,18L pump
Cooling system 0.09KW motor
Machine photo      

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