FK-25 hydraulic copper tube end closing machine

Main features
1. The Hydraulic Metal Circle Tube Sealing Machine broke tradition that does not need use plastic or solder; it still can seal the end of pipe or leave a small hole to your requirements. 
2. Apply for a variety of tubes, such as iron pipe, aluminum, copper and other materials. 
3. Two-unit design, movement by turn, these speed up the processing time, labor-saving, fast, convenient and no noise. 
4. Automatic movement operation, safety and convenience, non-technical personnel also can operate freely. 
5. Processed quality is safe, looks is beautiful, don’t have the risk of plastic cover off or skin scratched. 
6. Cooling system can prevent hydraulic pressure is reduced, the hydraulic 

Technical data: 

Model FK-25
Pipe diameter 6-25.4mm
Pipe wall thickness 0.5-2.0mm
Nominal voltage 380V,50HZ
Oil pump motor   4P 1.5kw 1420r/m
Mandrel motor   4P  1.5kw 1420r/m
Cooling pump motor  4P 40w 380V,50HZ

Machine photo

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