SG-20 hydraulic tube end reducing machine

Main specification
1. Application: all kinds of steel, copper, aluminum tube end expansion and extrusion.
2.Control mode:
2.1 PLC control, hydraulic drive, station change by pneumatic. Manual and automatic mode for selection.
2.2 Automatic mode: can choose one station, two station, mold change by air cylinder. The left and right positions are mechanically positioned, the stroke of the forming head is determined by the positioning of the rear wheel, There is a front stop position, start to complete a cycle.
2.3 Manual operation and other movements for debugging.
3.Technical parameters
3.1 Main cylinder thrust: Max 7T, clamping cylinder pressure: Max 4T.
3.2 Positioning accuracy: in 0.05mm.
3.3 Working stroke: 110mm.
3.4 Max tube can be processed (aluminum tube): 20*2
3.5 Speed: 9 seconds per circle
3.6 Hydraulic system maximum working pressure: 12Mpa, air cooling.

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