Welded pipe Gas-Tight Testing Equipment

Main specification
1. Test Tube Diameter: Ф12.7 ~ Ф 76.2
2. Test Tube Length:  6.1 m ± 1 0mm(Can customize the machine according to tube length)
3. Detection speed: Two station 1pc/ 2 min
                           Three-position 1pc / 1.5 min
4. Test pressure: 0.69 MPa; required to provide more than 0. 69 MPa external gas source, the device itself without booster function.
5. Sealing way: outer radial seal
6. Pneumatic clamping, V-shaped clamp
7. Underwater airtight machine: Ф 1 9 ~ Ф 76.2 average double station Or all three stations.
Working process
According to the unit test sequence and function, the unit can be divided into fixed and try to press the seat, stand activities, pneumatic unit and electronic control devices. By both sides finished steel tube was sealed and joined the clean air and sank sink pressurized to keep the pressure testing standards after a period of time to verify that there is relief, leaks, cracks and other defects.
Production capacity
Diameter Test length Detection speed Production time(h) Annual (branch)
Ф1 9~Ф76.2 Each 6 m 1/2 min 7000 210 000
Ф19~Ф76.2 Each 6 m 1 / 1.5 min 7000 280 000
Machine photo

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