JW80CNC-9 Newest green house pipe rolling bending machine

Main specification
1. CNC touch screen control, variable frequency motor feeding, servo motor roll bending, with a variety of different bending angle
2. English subtitles display, man-machine dialogue operation, you can choose any manual, semi-automatic mode of operation, movable foot switch both has start and emergency stop functions
3. The machine has the advantages of convenient operation, stable performance, high efficiency, high safety factor, is the ideal equipment for the production of Vegetable greenhouse 
4. This machine has frequency conversion motor as power source. Reducer output force, gear drive. Roll bending speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion motor speed. There is a big servo motor used for adjusting the diameter of the circle, and the machine has 8 driving rollers and 1 passive roller
Technical parameter
Main parameter/Model Unit JW80CNC-9
Max pipe of bended pipe mm Φ60×3
Min.bending diameter mm 20D
Working speed mm/s 0-140
Feeding motor kw 5.5
Rolling motor KW 3.5
Weight kg 1200
Machine photo

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