DW75CNC-2A-1S Hydraulic Cnc Tube Bending Machine

Main specification
It is fully automatic pipe bending machine. Bending pipe by electric (hydraulic as optional), feeding pipe by electric, rotating pipe by electric, clamping pipe by hydraulic, mandrel shift by hydraulic. 
Touch screen with English or any other language , PLC controller (Windows XP Industry PC as optional). Fan / water / oil cooling for your choice. With auto lubrication function. Electric and hydraulic parts from Japan, France and Germany.
Bending tool
Standard tool: 45# steel
Optional tool: Cr12 material
Stainless steel pipe: mandrel & wiper- Aluminum copper alloy steel

Aluminum pipe: bend die, clamp die and pressure die - nylon material

Technical parameter
Machine type DW75CNC
Max bending R for carbon pipe is 1.5D Ø75X 2.5t 
Max bending R for s.s pipe is 1.5D  Ø69.5X 1.5t
Availability Length of bending pipe 3050mm
Max R for  bending 300mm
Max angle for bending 185°
Bending process for every pipe 16
Working rate Bend rate Ma×30°/sec
Rotary rate Ma×180°/sec
Feeding rate Ma×700mm/sec
Working accuracy Bend angle ±0.1°
Rotary angle ±0.1°
Feeding length ±0.1mm
Watt of oil press electrical machine 14mpa
Information inputting method Axis (Y,B,C)
Bending method  1.Servo 2.Hydraulic
Max bending group 500
Power of rotary Servo motor 750 W
Power of feeding Servo motor 2000 W
Electrical motor power 7.5kw
Weight of machine 2950kg
Size  L X W X H(CM) 570X108X130
Machine photo


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