SW50A Double end tube bender machine

Main specification:
1. Operate by NC control unit, imported electric and hydraulic elements.
2. English showing and conversational operation.
3. It can adjust speed in each bend and the bending precision is high
4.16 groups of bending information can be stored.  Multiple angles can be finished once.
5. The foot switches with functions of automatic start, emergency stop and resuming.
The safety is high.
6. Delicate design of the bending head makes the bending space large.
7. Suitable Materials: Steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, aluminum pipe and others.
Technical Parameter
Item/ Model   SW38A   SW50A
Main power 5.5 7.5
Max. Steel, Tube O.D. Φ38x2.0t Φ50x2.0t
Max. Stainless Steel, Tube O.D. Φ32x1.8 Φ48x2.0
Max. Bending Radius   (mm) 38-200 50-250
Center Distance between Two Shafts   (mm) 170-1700 170-2000
Max. Bending Angle   (°) 185 185
Motor power for Hydraulic   (Mpa) 14 14
Gross Weight 1500 2500
Machine Dimension 270x126x132 350x150x190
Machine Photo

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