SG-40 Single head pipe end forming machine

Main specification
1) NC Control Unit: Easy Operation and Maintenance
2) Suitable for the shrinking of various metal pipes with different material and different shape
3) Equipped with emergency stop device. Both manual and automatic operations are available
4) This machine can make pipe end reducer, expander, flange and flare etc.
Technical parameter
Type SG-40 SG-60 SG-80 SG-100
Max tube(mm) φ40*2.0 φ60*2.0 φ80*3.0 φ100*3.5
Max processing length(mm) 110 130 150 180
Oil pressure(Mpa) 14 14 14 14
Working speed 100mm in3-4/s 100mm in3-4/s 100mm in3-4/s 100mm in3-4/s
Size(cm) 180*45*120 200*50*130 290*70*140 300*75*150
Weight(kg) 600 950 1600 1800
Remark 1.The max processing length can according to customers requirement.
Machine photo

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