EF-AC/80 Single head pipe chamfering machine

Main characteristics:
1. Hand feeding, automatic blade driving and retracting, high speed, doubles the production capacity.
2. Fits for endface interior and external angles of pipes and bars, can finish the riveting and coping in a single time with quickness and good accuracy.
3. To ensure the stability of the centerline between the processing piece and saw plate, the clamping die and saw plate are precisely designed and can finish the processing evenly at a single time.
4. The saw plate is specially designed, saw blade standardized, the adjustment of blade is easy and quick.
Main parameter:
Specification/Model EF-PV/52 EF-AC/80 EF-AC/120 EF-AC/150
Main motor power 1.5KW 2.2KW 3.7KW 5KW
Main spindle speed According to the pipe material    
Processing diameter 9-52mm 30-82mm 30-120mm 30-150mm
Processing rod 9-25mm 20-50mm 30-80mm 30-120mm
compressed air 6-8GS/cm2 6-8GS/cm2 6-8GS/cm2 6-8GS/cm2
Size 450mmx 400mm x 800mm 500mmx 400mm x 850mm 750mmx 730mm x 1200mm 950mmx 730mm x 1350mm
Weight 300kg 400kg 500kg 600kg
Machine photo


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