MC-360CNC Automatic aluninum pipe cutting machine

That can effectively reduce 70% labor cost and refueling time; in addition to revolutionary design, "according to the material conditions and the cutting length is greater than 50mm, which can control the material length 25mm + a" effectively reduce production waste, strengthen and improve the output efficiency
Main features:
1.Solid, small vibration, high cutting precision.
2.High horsepower design, horsepower can be cut according to the requirements of matching.
3.equipped with digital display positioning device, simple and easy to adjust the size.
4.Rapid die design, high efficiency.
5.Suitable for cutting aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy and plastic, carbon and other materials, and according to the different material selection of the spindle speed and tool.
6.according to different materials and cold cutting method.

Technical parameter/Model MC-360CNC Specification  
Sawing capacity Solid round pipe Φ90mm  
Solid square pipe 90×90mm  
Hollow rectangle pipe 175×50mm  
Hollow round pipe Φ110mm  
Feeding length 6-600mm  
(can feed 3 times for 1800mm)  
Blade feeding speed stepless adjustment  
Main motor 5.5KW  
Saw blade Φ355mm tungsten carbide saw blade  
Φ350mm high-speed saw blade  
Spindle speed 2800RPM  
Cooling way Cooling oil mist cooling or oil cooling  
Compressed air 0.6MPa,2500ML/min  
Dimension(mm) 2000×1100×1650  
Weight(kgs) about 800  
Speical parts(selectable 1.Strong suction removal machine  
2.Electronic inverter, change the spindle speed
Machine photo      

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