MC-315A manual tube circular saw machine

1.The cutting machine use the block-drive turbine vortex .
2.Small nose,small shock, without dust pollution, no thorns.
3.Tangent plane is fluent,good quality internal and external incisions.High priduction andprecision of saw cutting.
4.Vertical slideway for advance and retreat blade up and down.
5.Cutting feed issteady and cutting tools are of long use life.
6.Cooling andlubricante system ensure the cutting surface and prolong the life of sawblades.
7.Advance of tooladopts manual mode, the cutting machine's head can rotate 45 degree left andright.

Technical parameter
Machine model MC-275 Series MC-315 Series
Cutting direction 90 degree 45 degree 90 degree 45 degree
Hollow pipe 80 60 100 80
Hollow square steel 60×60 45×45 90×90 80×80
Hollow rectangular pipe 60×80 45×60 80×90 80×80
Solid rectangular steel 60×60 45×45 90×90 80×80
Solid shafting 38 25 55 45
Solid square steel 38 25 50 40
Machine photo

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