MSG-450 Metal saw blade grinding machine

Product Description 
1.This machine is easy to operate, the cutting angle, tooth shape and tooth depth on the saw are easy to adjust, with a high precision, sharp and durable. 
2.Quick adjustments can be made according to the various thicknesses of the coping saw bits. 

3.The head section can be adjusted or swinged upward or forward willingly, coping and beveling can be made without exchanging the abrasive disk.

Technical parameter
Specification/Model MSG-450
Diameter of saw blade Φ50mm-Φ450mm
Max distance of the tooth 25mm
Max depth of the tooth 8mm
Degree -35
Feeding speed 45-180 teeth/minute
Max thickness of the blade 8mm
Diameter of the grinding wheel Φ75mm-Φ150mm
Speed of the grinding wheel 4200RPM(60HZ)
Driving motor 1/2HP
Grinding motor 3/4HP
Size 800mmx 800mmx1410mm
Weight 130kg
Machine photo

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